We created AREA Health Design to house our work on Antimicrobial Resistance and have expanded from this model of research-based solutions. Our specific “AREA” of focus is the problem of over-prescribing of antibiotics in the outpatient setting for upper-respiratory infections in the United States.


We have developed our approach to this question based on current practices, research, and advocacy that is ongoing at the international, federal, and local levels. Our step-wise approach to this issue is as follows:

STEP 1: Collaborate with research institutions to study current practices in the outpatient setting with regards to prescribing for patients presenting with viral upper-respiratory infections.

STEP 2: Establish a change in practice/protocol for medical practitioners in the outpatient setting with the expertise from our medical advisory board and medical institutions.

STEP 3: Ensure the scientific validity of this changed protocol through pilot/clinical studies in collaboration with academic medical institutions.

To learn more about our ongoing progress on combating antimicrobial resistance, read our AMR Project Blog.