AREA Health Design officially incorporated in January of 2016!

We work through collaboration with other organizations in the public health sector in order to pinpoint issues within areas of public health that can be addressed through sustainable solutions.

Our research-based approach allows for fuller understanding of the underlying factors behind public health issues and for more effective solutions.  AREA works to find solutions through a step-wise process of collaborative research and local outreach.

We advance education and science by: promoting evidence based solutions to public health challenges; conducting studies on public health solutions; and producing publications on our findings in peer reviewed journals or in publicly accessible educational publications.

We lessen the burden of government by helping to build public-private partnerships to create sustainable public health solutions and encouraging the involvement of the healthcare industry in promoting public health, in order to lessen the burden on local, national, and international public health departments.

We provide education by: providing internships, volunteer opportunities, and academic opportunities to students and recent graduates interested in building careers in public health and design; collaborating with educational institutions; producing public health educational materials to be made publicly available through the internet, social media, events, publications, etc.; providing public health intervention protocols and informational materials to healthcare providers; and promoting evidence based solutions to public health challenges.

We provide relief to the poor, distressed, or underprivileged by establishing programs and engaging in fundraising activities to provide relief and assistance to impoverished populations unable to access healthcare interventions because of financial constraints.