On 19 January, 2016 we completed the paperwork to officially incorporate. AREA Health Design grew out of a graduate project to combat antimicrobial resistance in the outpatient setting that the co-founders (Alex, Rebecca, Ethan, and Allee) have been developing together for the past year. We received great feedback on our proposed methods from industry experts, and we all deeply believe in the work that we have been doing, so when three of us completed graduate school, we created AREA to house our work. Alex and Rebecca have an M.S. in Biomedical Science Policy. Ethan is an industrial designer with a passion for biomedical challenges. Allee is has an M.S. in Emerging Infectious Disease. We plan to use AREA as a corporate house to let us tackle the public health challenges that we are passionate about helping to solve. We like to have different projects at different stages of development, so since we are a year into the development and launch of our project to combat the spread of antimicrobial resistance, we have launched a new project (that is still in the research gathering phase) to combat the disproportionately high rates of SIDS and infant mortality among Native American populations.  We are very excited to continue with our work under the AREA roof!

AREA Officially Incorporated!

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