Traditionally, public health has been approached by a top-down perspective. AREA Health Design strives to take the opposite approach–working from the individual, to the community, up to corporate and government solutions.¬†



We create evidence-based, sustainable solutions to public health challenges in order to provide communities with products and systems that remove the barriers to health at the individual level.


We envision a future where: practitioners can focus on healing their patient; patients can focus on getting their lives back to normal; and government, academia, and industry work together to improve the health of populations.


We believe that improving public health is achievable by creating products and programs that target the underlying behavioral, cultural, and socioeconomic factors driving health inequalities, and by addressing the needs that drive unhealthy decisions at the individual level.

We are committed to a practice of respecting the patient, and working under the assumption that the individual is making rational decisions when they chose unhealthy behavior, but that there are unaddressed factors influencing those rational decisions.

We seek to understand what those unaddressed factors are by conducting empirical research and analysis of public health data.

We design evidence-based products and programs to alleviate the pressure of these drivers and to enable individuals and communities to change unhealthy behaviors and build healthy populations.

We build public-private partnerships to make these products and programs sustainable and widely available.

We lessen the burden on local, national, and international health departments by encouraging the involvement of the healthcare industry in promoting public health.